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Dec. 14th, 2005 @ 06:55 pm Dear Santy Claus
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Last Friday I bought porn for Jessie (10 points).
In April I ruled Guacamolestan (the greatest of the stans) as a nudist dictator (700 points).
In November Amy and I ran naked in the mall (-0 points).
In May I pulled over and changed Manky's flat tire and stole his car... so it evens out (1,000 points).
Last Tuesday I helped Manky hide a body it was in the trunk (14 points).
A couple of summers ago, I stole Amy's viginity (30,000,000 points).
Last month I set Raven's puppy on fire (-666 points).

Overall, I've been nice (30,001,058 points). For Christmas I deserve a blow job!
Dec. 14th, 2005 @ 06:28 pm I really want an easy bake oven
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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In August I got in line at the supermarket at the same time as someone else and I didn't yield (-8 points). Last Monday I donated bone marrow to caligirl322 in a life-saving procedure (300 points). In October I put money in i_apathy's expired parking meter (14 points). Last Saturday I stole stabbingfate's purse (-30 points). In May I didn't flush (-1 points).

Overall, I've been nice (275 points). For Christmas I deserve an Easy-Bake Oven!


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Sep. 28th, 2005 @ 05:33 pm figured I'd leave something to remember... I'll start posting my rants on another day...
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Jul. 19th, 2005 @ 04:45 pm Game Reviews
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Unreal Championship 2:

Unreal is one of the biggest first-person shooter names out there and are the role model to every first-person shooter out there. Every nifty side game that goes beyond what unreal calls "Death Match" (just shoot and KILL) such as capture the flag to king of the per vial mountain came from this game and they strive to bring more to the players. Such as the Naile match where you kill innocent Naile by the barrel full for points and each "Naile" varies in points depending on how hard they are to kill. There is also ore or less a football like game called overdose where a ball will appear at random and you must be the first to grab the ball and run it to a goal; the corresponding goal color gives you the equivalent of 6 kills/points while the opposite color gives you 3 kills/points. All the while the longer you hold the ball a little meter will charge making you "radio-active" when this bar fills up and you score a goal you will become a wrecking ball in the middle of a bunch of straw huts. While first-person shooters try to achieve an "in your face" action they only scarcely achieve it at the level unreal does. The games always been what they claim to be "unreal" with up beat movement and combat system and Unreal Championship 2 is no exception. With a breakneck paste, the game has introduced "wall dodging" (where you can jump off the wall) it gives the game new ways of climbing the arena floor allowing hundreds of ways to the top for those who can recognize this opportunity all the while the jumps are a series of flips that gives the game a dazzling look. Along with this they introduced a most extraordinary combat system, each character has his/her own spin and lung graphic and even more so they gave it a neat charge up skill that allows the player to deal immense damage (if they live long enough to pull it off) and for another method of movement that helps the fast paste feel that the game has always offered. To top all of that off the melee mode also has a shield command that'll prevent head on damage and the ability to REFLECT and EVERYTHING can be reflected or deflected (depending on timing) I've had more headshots in this manner than I have using the sniper rifle. For those of you who seek a challenge this game can hurt even the most masochistic players with outrageous opposing odds the challenge mode will infuriate and frustrate even the most avid gamer. This game has a decent arsenal, character selection, and mutators (little things you can change about the game such as a match that is done out of entirely rockets or doesn't allow certain weapons) it's a beautiful in first-person as it's in third-person. But who has ever heard of game without flaws? As beautiful as it maybe the characters still feature a poly-graphic design (this prevents one from shooting between the legs and more importantly in front of ones eyes to scare the crap out of their butt and into their pants) though they don't look it you will have problems trying to not shoot them but rather scare them. Also as nice as the character selection and arsenal is, everyone wants more, more, more, the ability to really feel a difference between you and your opponents possibilities is always nice. The game also lacks a cheep multiplayer mode. It only allows 2 people to play at a time on the x-box version and can only support up to 8 players in all. Also... the challenge mode is to damn hard and since you need to beat it to unlock a character and a couple mutators... I want them for multi-play purposes! All in all this a great game both for the art and the game play I give it 4/5, 9/10, and a 93/100.
Jul. 3rd, 2005 @ 06:25 pm Why I do so poorly on test...
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One day, was talking to Rebecca on AIM (via phone) and was trying to think of what to do later that night (Saturday Night on July 2nd) and this was pretty much my train of thought, I did catch myself starting several rants that I didn't post, and didn't post the one about glass...

Remove... it means more or less to delete something, dispose of... but the preffix re means to repeat and move means to move it somewhere else. With spot remover, who moved the spot to begin with and where is it being moved too?

Scientist are too sure of themselves... like stars, how are we so sure that they are gian balls of burning gas and not just big fire flies? Which one seems more realalistic, "OOOO a bonfire so huge that we see it in outerspace." Bull-fucking-shit, I've never seen bonfires move or twinkle, but I have seen lightning bugs!

You know who never talked to me? I've known him as long as I've known "Casper the friendly ghost" and never has he said a word to me. The man on the moon... talking about someone who is an anti-social shut-in mute! He gets a deserted rock that just floats mindlessly around us and decides that he'll make that his home... I'm not even sure it's a man... I've never seen any genitallia, so I can't be sure if it's a man or a feman.

You know what the most interesting rituals take place at? The bathroom. It's where we all go to remove the evilness inside us and some of us even speak in tonge. If you ever went into a Mexican resturant restroom you'd hear sounds that you can not mimic, "OOOOxadaHOE" never in any other circumstance would you find such a sound even appropiate or not so foreign. Why do they call these restrooms? In no other room in the building will leave you more exhausted. They should call it, "Tired? You will be!" room or "Feeling to relaxed and want something leaving you pained and exhausted" room.

You know what vehical that no army or super hero ever seem to use? A lawn mower. Imagine that being a vehical of war. A giant mower that would mow through people rather than there lawns. It can have duel uses, charging through enemy lines and shortening the terrian in the area allowing visual easier.

I thought cavemen were extinct... maybe someone should tell Osama BIN Ladin this.

You know what is rather a stupid idea? DDR! I mean DDR it self is actually a nifty idea, but no practicallity, I can't play Halo on it, it has no practicallity in any other game. Imagine Mario Party on the pad where you have to spind madly around until you get sick to win the tug-a-war. It'll give everyone the feeling of being drunk at parties, not being able to walk straight and throwing up. This would make those fighting games interesting though... imagine the 'button 'mashers" on that... just throwing themselves against the pad.

You know, I wonder how many people have been killed by a candy cane? I mean stabbing, not choking. If you ever sucked on a candy cane long enough you would get the distinct impression that you could definitely pierce skin. I imagine if you had several at hand you can stab someone to death and allow the body to dissolve the broken pieces. This would work especially well if the person is diabetic. What, would the otopsy doctor think they were killed by a candy cane? I bet that they'll spend months trying to find the knife or ice pick.

What would happen if we tried to nuke the sun? I imagine it would only be a matter of launching material there such as plutonium and it'll nuke its self seeming how the sun is really just a type of fusion reaction and it will split it its self. I wonder if it would increase its life because you are giving it fresh material or decrease it because you are creating an inbalance.

An interesting oxymoron is Wallstreet since wall means to block and street means passage, why don't they just call it a door like most normal Englishease. Perhaps some day we'll see the fall of the Wall of Street much like the fall of the wall of Berlin.

After this I ranted a bit about Lindsay Lowhan's name which I didn't post. Somewhere in the middle my brain went on a tagent about glass, and I stopped myself several times from ranting about trees and puddles.

Have an update to throw in the short thoughts... then I'm done for the day.
Jul. 3rd, 2005 @ 05:18 pm Man... tired and wrote this after an interesting night out
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This would be philosophy based off of well... just read the damn thing and shut up. It's a rant on Philosophy and my views.

Why I believe in creation.

Okay, so first let's establish the biggest other reason that still stands being the "Big Bang" theory (I want input from you philosophy majors, most of my stuff came from getting caught on the wrong channels and my ADD putting my in random sections of our text books). Please note this is being done at approximatly 3 AM so please forgive my mechanical errors and my lack of transitions(damn phone doesn't have a semi-colin, luckly computer does and this is the transfer process); was out at a park all night and well... I am fucking tired so get off my back. Any who, back to the topic at hand, the biggest counter theory, "The Big Bang." Long story short, BOOM! YAY! EARTH! Now, to explain life on Earth using the evolution theory. Following this "Big Bang" is widely thought to be a vast number of chemicals just one day came together and formed life (this theory came about when a monk credited for naming the 'cell' combined some similiar chemicals and created dead cells). The atmosphere was too toxic for a long ass while so all that came about were cells that devoured anything that it could, minerals and other cells. Evolution started to take place because the cells wanted to not only consume with out being consumed but consume using less energy. So these cells started not to split when they devided. These cells became big enough to prevent another cell from possibly surrounding it and consuming it. Naturally, it made it the preditor rather the pray and the other organisms decided they should do the same. They constantly evolved, trying to out do the last and this taking billions and billions of years. Eventually, came the dinosaurs came into existance. Som great catastrophe came about, widely believed to have been an ice age brought about by a bunch of dust kicked up by an astroid (if the actual impact would have done it, there would have been no Earth) this astriod seems to have been somewhere nearer to America in the Atlantic. This destroying almost all life and creating a need for many others to evolve. Not to long after, or rather during this final ice age we (HUMANS) came into existance.

Okay, now that is about the most common back story, now for me to explain why I believe in creation.

1: All this gas just one day... nothing but the sun itself (the moon isn't believed to be here yet) effect Earth and the gas comes together perfectly and to top that off, it is believed to have ALL combined in Africa. Further more, the cells survived where as the monks cells were more or less created dead?

2: Balance that exist among creatures when they try to out evolve the others. You can't deny the fact that Animals are territorial (besides rodants) and that reguardless of what it is, they will fight to keep it. A bunch of apes/orangatangs/gorillas though will rather not have conflict with a preditor such as say... a lion, the usual pray will group up to extinguish the menace. And the lion will only leave if it feels that it has a pretty good chance of being killed if it does try to press the inhabitants. Even your pets are known to restate which one is the dominate one, cats and dogs alike. Rodants and birds (birds [not literatly] are rodants with wings :-D) are the only exception in the animal world due to the fact that birds fly and thus travel far much to care (birds really will only protect their immediate nest). Rodants understand what would happen if they were to cahllange our choice preditor the lion(even in fairly large numbers, too many can be more destructive to there way of life than it would be benificial), they become scavengers that live in holes. Even we humans have the same territory sense, we kick out other animals and people on the fact that they, "Make me a littler nervous." You lock your car and house doors because your nervous that SOMEONE will come in and take your proporty. You build fences around your house to keep animals and the neighbor kids out. You trust animals you don't know to bite you and your family; you tryst the neighot kids to vandilize or take what you've worked so long to gain. Animals, by nature are territorial and go the lengths to preserve it But there is such a fine balance that is just unnatural. Why do the gazels still gt slaughtered? There are at least 25 of them to each lion hunting them. Why do they not turn on the animal kingdom and eat them instead of where the other animals have wiped their feet at, and relieved themselves on? This would trigger another series of evolution...

3: There is not a whole lot of time believed to be between the Jurassic (dino period) and the preastoric age (cave-man period). And the gases in the atmosphere are no longer suidted to produce life, so we couldn't have sprung up after what some believed was total destruction (And the time span is not feasiable. If you really follow this train of thought, the astriod hitting nearer to the USA after such continantal drift. The astriod image would not have still been there after that much change in land, so the land was obviously seperated when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth, this is just to give you an idea of how long it took these cells to form these beast. Long enough for the continates to divide). The only possibilities would be creation or evolution. Now, evolution is where two creatures start to bread and creating an Animal with characteristics of both according to Darwin (or to keep up with extreme changes as displayed in the cell fight). So, what two creatures got together to make our higher brain patteren and the complexity of its formation all together?

4: Also, the system in which cells from the primortial ooze (did I get that right?) have now become as complex as all hell. Cells don't have a lot of thinking, their brain centers being SO much smaller than the cell which is already microscopic, and where do the decide to make such complexities? When does an organism decide it can make a system oodles greater than what it already is?

5: Of we dod evolve from the same two creatures, how come there are three different types of humans on this planet?

6: This is my weakest argument both weak as an argument and shows me to be weak as an individual... All of this, ALL OF IT, just seems far to vonvient. Life should have destroye its self long ago granted there maybe a few random kinks in the theories that would bring us about, I would like to place faith in "god." Partially for comfort and for the fact that world is crafted too beautifully, like the guts of a ticking clock.
Jun. 30th, 2005 @ 08:52 pm Another lack-of-sleep driven rant about food and life in general
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Life... all forms of life is an interesting thing with interesting results.

Some say it's too fragile but I fing it to be the most resistant invention ever to be had. It is the most perfect system, infect it and it'll not only cure the infections by its own means but it'll also make it so that it won't be infected so easily again. It can push out most mild poisons and remove most sicknesses. To top that off, most things don't even make it to the blood stream. This system is so vicious that it will dissolve an alien organ if it mouths off at a moments notice. It is even resistant to most forms of direct harm, smash it, cut it, pound it, squeeze it, thump it, stab it, it will recover, of all the combinations, only a very select few will leave it dead or permantly crippled. You put it in nurmous enviroments and it will make any possible change to make it habitiable using the absolute smallest amount of energy possible.

Not only is life capable of withstanding virtually any damage done to it but it is elogant in its growth. It never uses more energy than necessary and it also forms the most interesting compounds. The food for instance, you can mix hundreds of combinations of the same elements together in so many manners but you may never get it just right.
Jun. 15th, 2005 @ 09:20 pm Could Energy be Infinit? Another sleepless rant
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(Before if go on, I'm just typing what I had stored in my phone, I don't feel like spell checking it... I'll do it later... I did most of these on little sleep and didn't put much thought into my spelling just the concepts themselves.)

Could energy be infinit? While I do believe in "...for ever action there is an equal and opposite reaction..." and I see sense in the transfer of energy idea, the thought came to me when considering the potential energy and kenotic energy when dealing with motion. First I considered the potiential bit, as if there is some mysterous force that is in everything that dictates how fast it'll move. Thinking about that, I have came with the terms that this potiential energy doesn't lie within the object, but rather it lies in the objects of lack of objects surrounding it. And the perimeter of this object that is in question would be infinity because according to Einstein's space is infinit (and I got to believe him because I don't think it to be logical that there is a wall around all of this like a giant snow globe). If I hit a ball a lot of that energy would be lost on the ozone surrounding it, but once it hits space the other forces that dictate it is anything else that may either provent its motion or propel it. So this being said, potiential energy is relative and thus none existent or limitless. Than recently I considered kenetic energy too is infinit, simply because gravity is stated to be a force that exist between all matter. Gravity is always and is also a force so it is a form of energy that is infinit so I say energy is infinit.

(Sorry for all this over working of the word infinit(y), I'll be paying it double for the extra work)
Jun. 15th, 2005 @ 08:54 pm Philosophical... just filling this thing up... a bunch of tired rants
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For those who believe in the big bang also note that our life is doomed since with the big bang everything in the entirity of space always was, and what are the odss that we are the first set of people after all the big bangs which would be infinit because we are talking no starting point, forever, that we were the only group of life and homosapiens at that, and that of all the possibilities that we weren't the first that none would have survuved it? Had a group survived only one bang away from us they would have far more than a billion years of advancement over us. Though, I do believe that technology is something that as it increases it takes more and more to increase (this being said I think we have more technology than we are lead to believe but it is released to the public for economic reasons such as computer components). This is still over a billion years and we have records of our own civilazation dating back to what? 6,000 years ago? Hell, we are not entirely sure of how an atom works, we are escaped on what gravity actually is, we cna't even get down our ecosystem and co-insiding in it to a point that we don't rip it up, we have the technology for that even, but we worty to much about money which really wouldn't be threatened and after enough advancement currency would be obsolete. But I'm ranting while my battery charges and I believe in some form of creation. I don't believe that in forever that we were the 1st or only oone because forever is unfathamable, like if we were the 'only' it would be 1/(infinit) or if we were the 1st it would be again 1/(infinity) while there is still a chance, I must put my dice on the other side that out of the 1 chance by well... infinity. So, I do believe in a creator which I refer to as god, and though that I understand that nearly impossible odds is ungraphablely better than impossible odds, and that everything thing that has ever happened was a coincidence and that everything that happens also has a 1/(infinit) chance of happening I feel more comfortable with the idea that someone had a "hand" so to speak in the whole deal and I just feel it in my own existence (like when you sense that someone in the room similiar to a 6th sense) that such a creator is there. I do not bow to any religion or its beliefs but my own thinking and feeling. I wish I could prove to people that such things like the town of Beathliham didn't happen (or what ever cities of gays was struck down) because I do believe that it was just an anti-gay person who thought they might scare the gay out of some people or some wierd mentailty such as that.

Sorry that was so long... something else I wrote at some obscure hour with little to no rest.
Jun. 15th, 2005 @ 08:44 pm For my short random thoughts
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I want to start my own Jean Company and call it Cock Kickers - for guys who are extra stacked.

I wonder if Zombieism could be transferred as a STD...

A short conversation with Josh via AIM

< Josh...
> what
< If you had my picture would you beat off every night?
> no
> god no
< Josh...
> what
< Can I have your picture?
> no

I was thinking... if I was to make a get-a-way car I'd put incredibly bright lights in the back to turn on to blind my assailant and to prevent him from reading my plate number. This would work especially well if I was to put it where the plate should/could be and put the plate in the window and just screw it on when I got to safety. This thought occurred when I was coming home and some vehicle BURNT OUT THE CORNEAS OF MY EYES!

The food pyriamid is wrong; it's missing a food group, fungus! All the different mushrooms... There are not any of those... Bread?... no, fruit?... no, veggie?... no, milk, meat?... no, no... sweets and fat... don't think so... Poor fungus needs its own catagory instead of being left out in the cold... or hot sandy desert. Stinking, perserved pharoh, neglecting fungus as a food group.

Tabloids... there is an interesting "newspaper." Why do they insist on selling it like a newspaper? I mean, they have the most ridicoulous stories in there. And that is exactly what they are! I want to know how much they get paid for this stupid shit, I need a new hobby and could use the money. Anyone can write this stuff, it pretty much sounds like this, "Baby with Tenticals: Finally Born. Our last week male obductiee is now a mother of a 4 armed baby all composed of entirely tenticals much like an octopus. Strange lights are surrounding the home... the baby is missing, apparently the baby was obducted during the interview." This crap can't be that hard, the only trick is to no silence every riddiculously obsurd/dumb idea that enters your brain; if you near your dead-line just make a spin off to an old story. I haven't seen so much crap since The Jerry Springer Show. I bet they have some of the same writers, "Let's get an army of Nazie, prosituting, transexual midgets." I mean, that many people couldn't have made it passed natural selection!

What color does an albino bleed?

They need a new South-Park 1st-person shooter game complete with "TIMMY!"